The easy to use, safe file transfer and sharing solution with excellent scalability and usable throughout your entire company. GigaCC ASP

With stronger personal information protection laws and internal controls, we are often asked by companies to rigorously manage their files. Meanwhile, with the spread of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, there are more paperless presentations and information sharing with large files. GigaCC ASP allows users to send and receive sensitive corporate files and data ? anything from presentations to personal data and design information.

GigaCC ASP Benefits

Perfect for customers with the following needs

Safe, smooth sharing of files 1GB or larger.

Stronger internal controls mean no more USB memory sticks or use of free file transfer software.

Frequent dealings with both domestic and overseas hubs and clients requires a global service.

Wants to avoid the increased burden of system management that comes with downloading files.

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  1. 01 Technology&Performance
    • All the security you need is included for safe file transmission and sharing.
    • Includes a management approval feature for double checking and recipient controls to prevent unwanted recipients from receiving files.


  2. 02 Usability
    • Simple, safe, and easy to understand.
      Includes features anyone can easily use.
    • Account management and authority setting is easy.
      Supports individual divisions or the entire company.


  3. 03 Lineup
    • GigaCC ASP is a cloud service, so you can select what suits your needs.
      Supports small, medium, and large scale operations.


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